LinkedIn emojis: A guide on how to use them

With the face-paced nature of social media, the modes of communication have changed over the years. Emojis and emoticons are now popular among social media users. Moreover, emojis are a trench on Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook, but these days LinkedIn emojis have become the real deal. The problem though is the inappropriate use of these emojis on LinkedIn which has watered down the significance.

Many people aren’t aware of when and how to use LinkedIn emojis to pass their points. This guide will talk about LinkedIn emojis, tips, and the right way to use them on the professional website.

What are LinkedIn Emojis?

LinkedIn emojis are symbols and images that are derived from standard emoticons. They tend to give additional expressions to what we say online. Aside from the ones that you can find on, there are also special characters like emoticons on this social app.

On LinkedIn, there are emojis for many things. You can get happiness, laughter, humbleness, greetings, love, and a plethora of other emojis you will love. As of today, there are more than 2,152 LinkedIn emojis, and more are added daily.

Tips to use LinkedIn emojis

If you aren’t familiar with using emojis on LinkedIn, here are some useful strategies:

Ensure they make sense

When communicating with another person online, the ability to understand what is said is crucial. LinkedIn emojis should be complementary, therefore use them in the right manner. You should avoid confusing your reader with an emoji they can’t understand.

Avoid using them in serious discussions

When trying to add emojis on LinkedIn, never make light of a serious situation. Emoji are filled with light-headed, cool, and trendy characters. They are best used when in a cheerful and relaxed mood.

When negotiating business deals, answering queries, or other important discussions, you should avoid using LinkedIn emojis. You might be seen as a very unserious person.

Avoid forcing emoji

LinkedIn emojis are meant to be an addendum to normal expressions and communication channels. Avoid forcing their usage when it’s not necessary. If you can’t think of a reason to use them, don’t use them.

You need to think ahead about what these emojis will do to the reader. The usage has to be natural during expressions; if it isn’t, you don’t need to force it.

Be consistent with your brand messaging

Emojis on LinkedIn can be a fun way to lighten up a discussion. If you are a professional and are into business, you should be careful not to step too far from your corporate box. Any LinkedIn emojis you use should be to bring you more business and keep your customers. Avoid emojis that don’t tally with your brand and might cause difficulties.

Don’t overuse emoji

While using emojis can be fun and interesting, don’t override your message with emojis. It is inappropriate to use more than four LinkedIn emojis at once. If this is done, it could distract your audience.

Understand what the emojis mean

Before using emojis on LinkedIn, you need to know what they mean. There are numerous emojis on LinkedIn, which sometimes can be confusing. You would not want to send the wrong emojis from your professional account. Research the meaning of an emoji before you send them. Also, ensure you understand the context to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Use them regularly in your post

To get the best out of using LinkedIn emojis, you need to use them when talking with a client. As someone who wants to make their brand more popular and get more customers, engage your customer using emojis. This will make them more attracted to you and your business.

Reasons to use LinkedIn emojis

Emojis are important for LinkedIn members due to the above reasons:

They help with marketing

Emojis are visual characters that appeal to many people. Those in the branding and marketing industry will know the importance of using visuals. Aside from images and graphs, emojis are a way to attract customers to your brand. If you want to be ahead of others, using emojis on LinkedIn is a good choice.

Easy to understand

Most people on social media understand what emojis mean. The “hearts” indicate love; “downcast face” means sadness while the “smileys” indicate happiness. Emojis are very easy to understand and people relate smoothly with them. The international acceptance of these LinkedIn emojis makes them an ideal means of communication.

Give good vibe

LinkedIn is a professional website with many experts and employees from different backgrounds. When relating to people on this app, many are deemed too serious, which might affect how to relate with them. But when you use the right emojis, you will be seen in a better and more positive way.

Make you more popular

When used appropriately, LinkedIn emojis can make you popular on social media. You will craft a distinct personality for yourself based on the type of emojis you use. Since they carry an appealing look, emojis can attract more people to you and your business.

They take less space

Every social media platform has some sort of character limit for communication. When you add LinkedIn emojis to your expressions, it’s a way to say more for less. These emojis don’t take up more space and can increase your communication with your audiences.

Increase client retention

LinkedIn emojis have a way to keep people coming to your page. They are appealing characters which will make your clients visit your page regularly. However, ensure you use them properly and avoid forcing them.

Using LinkedIn emojis remains an ideal way to pass your expression on the social media. The correct usage of these emojis provides many benefits to both the users and the readers.

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