Spend and Save Money Wisely: Here’s How to do it


There are various reasons why you must spend and save money wisely. Some of the reasons are for a specific project like buying a car or house renovation, unexpected medical expenses, and for personal savings. However, spending and saving money intelligently can be challenging. We have listed below some tips and advice on how to spend less and save more money.



The Guide to Spending and Saving Money Wisely


Use an Expenditure Book

An expenditure book is a diary where you write down all the expenses you are making during a month. At the end of the month, you can analyze all the expenses you have made and cut down all unnecessary ones for the following month. At the next end of the month, you will notice that you have made less expensive and save a few more money. Keep the process going and you will surely witness your saving account growing.

Avoid Eating Regularly at Restaurant

Eating regularly at restaurants can be costly nowadays as restaurant bills keep on growing. It is wise to say no to restaurants and fast foods as much as possible. Cooking and eating at home will save you more money. Additionally, eating at home is more healthy and hygienic.

Create a Savings Account

To save money, it is advisable to have a savings corner that can create one with the bank or simply build yourself a piggy bank. Every month, as you receive your salary keep some money within the saving account. As such you will know that you have a limit on your spending. Moreover, you’ll be aware that the money within the saving account should not be used unnecessarily.

Compare Prices Before Buying an Item

There are times when you will be desperate to buy an item. It is recommendable to always compare prices in different shops before buying. You will probably get the same item at a lower price in a different shop.

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